Sometimes the forest becomes hidden because of the trees.

Your company already has a talented, in-house digital marketing team that is quite experienced and you trust dearly. They may excel at one, two, or possibly all of the current tasks involved with your online presence including video production, email acquisition and newsletters, product and info pages, graphic creation, search engine placement, web design and layout, social media content, and all of the other talents that lead to customers finding you online and staying in close communication with your company.

But recently you have noticed there seems to be a loss of momentum in your traffic, online leads, and sales derived from your social media and web site; your team is working diligently but what worked last year doesn't seem to produce the same results as before. There are more social sites, more ways to communicate, more software, more hardware, more analytics, more blogs, more apps, more, more, more..... How do you cut through all this noise and pick a clear, precise path in your online marketing?

This is where Epona Group can help your company with several different solutions customized specifically for your business. After meeting with you and your team and learning about your business, goals, and strategies, we can then form an opinion if our group can offer any suggestions and planning that would significantly improve your online presence. Depending on budgets and the speed of results needed, we then create a consulting program or training program to fit your company. This can be as simple as a one time consulting session with no long term commitment to a weekly, monthly, or even a quarterly consulting or training with a retainer or based on hourly fees.

If you've read this far into the content of this page, we know the question in your mind right now is "why in the h#*l would I pay this company to give me or my team advice on our web site or online marketing???" Valid question. Here is the answer in two parts: 1) Our team brings a unique and balanced vantage point that is rare in our industry. We are not a "developer based" company nor a "social media based" company but have strong personalities representing those aspects of marketing from our team. Where we differ from other marketing groups is we approach your solutions from a P & L (profit & loss) standpoint- if it doesn't actually make the business owner money, we can not consciously commit to that solution. Theory and speculation are abundant in the digital marketing world and we try to only deal with the tangible. Our life is immersed in this world and our job is to figure out what works and is a value to our customers and what is a waste of time. And the second part of the answer 2) we need long term customers. Thus, we have to create solutions and produce results for our customers so that they will continue to use our services year after year. We understand the ROI factor and that we have to make you more money than you spend.

Initial consultations are always free so we encourage you to contact us and see if we might be a good fit to help you and your team navigate more efficiently through the waters of online marketing.

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