Over the past 10 years, our company’s website has generated over $45 million in sales. We don’t write this to brag or pat ourselves on the back. It simply means our strategies and philosophies come from actually getting in the eCommerce world, rolling up our sleeves, and “mixing it up”. Our world is not theory but hard core reality that we have fought through. Experiments have been tried on projects that have worked well, we have tried things that have failed unbelievably, and we have implemented systems that did not move the needle one bit but cost a great amount of sweat and treasure. We have spent literally millions of dollars on software, hardware, labor, and giant search engines to make these sales. For a “small fee”, you can benefit from the tuition we have paid in internet commerce, learning from both our successes and failures.

But our experience does not stop there. Our web master, Augustine Castillo, now Epona’s Web Master and Lead Engineer, has been involved in creating over 100 different eCommerce sites before he came to work for us in 2008. He has had experience with many different shopping carts including Miva Merchant, ProStores, Shopsite, Ubercart, Magento, and many more.

Recently, we have made a significant investment in research and creating responsive web designs for mobile devices and pads. This portion of eCommerce is predicted to grow 65% in the next 2 years. Those who choose to cater to the smart phone users and pad users will have a strong advantage over the traditional desktop website design. Make sure your site is responsive whether you are selling online, have an informational type website, or driving traffic to your brick and mortar store.

Don’t be fooled into thinking eCommerce only pertains to selling a widget online and shipping it to the customer. Our experience can help a leasing company take a payment online, an apartment charging monthly rent, an insurance company receiving premiums, an expensive piece of equipment being sold online, a restaurant allowing it's patrons to order online before arriving, and any other type of commerce that may require a money transaction though a website. We can even consult and help you get set up to sell successfully on Ebay and other platforms.

As we have stated in other places on our site, setting your eCommerce website up online is only the foundation. It has to be done professionally and be structured correctly. However, it goes much deeper and takes an investment of time to make your site a success. It’s a living mechanism that must be maintained and managed on a daily basis. We can teach you how to do this in-house or we can help manage your content including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media, blogs, and email newsletters.

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