Recent case studies show that more than 40% of all US online shopping (and growing rapidly) comes from mobile and tablet devices. We've actually witnessed over 50% of total traffic coming from these devices in the past several months. A staggering 65% of all online buyers will do their product research with their smart phone before buying and 3 out of 5 consumers search for local businesses on their smart phone. Google reports that 57% of customers would not recommend a business with a bad mobile site. It has become essential to provide a friendly, simple experience on your site across all platforms for your visitors.

How do you know if your site, or a competitor's site, is responsive? Simply pull up the site on your smart phone or tablet and if you ever have to scroll to the right or left, it's probably not responsive. Responsive sites rarely require horizontal navigation and they compress links into general menu buttons. They are also programmed to re-size and stack pictures vertically instead of horizontally and the call-to-action buttons are larger so to make them easier to push with your fingers. A responsive site will also load quicker than a traditional site which results in customers spending more time on these sites than non-responsive. Remember, time is money.

Again, this discussion of making your website look professional and load quickly on mobile devices is only part of the "foundation" we talk about your online presence. Even if you hire another firm to build and manage your site, or you do this all in-house, please keep room in your budget so you can actively maintain your site and your social media presence daily.

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