Epona Group covers all areas of modern internet marketing, including social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, Pinterest, and many more. After learning about your company, we can then help direct you toward the social media(s) that will have the best return on your investment of time and money.

Can Epona Group create my social media accounts?

Oh Yea! We've helped many successful sites setup their social media platforms. All we need from you is a specialized email account dedicated to receive notifications for your social media accounts and the direction you would like to go with your platform. Once you've setup your mailbox, we then create your accounts on the platforms of your choice, create the professional look and feel of that particular platform, and then begin the process of communicating with your audience to meet your goals.

Can Epona Group manage my social media accounts for my business?

Absolutely! We concentrate on two things for our clients: 1) top of page and 2) top of mind. With coordinated efforts with your current advertising methods, we will create campaigns that work together to keep current customers engaged with you and introduce your business to a whole new set of potential buyers through social media.

Our first step includes meeting with you and your management team to discuss your history, your current direction, your future goals, your customers, and of course, your budget . After we feel we are completely in sync with your needs, we can then recommend the social media platforms that would allow you to achieve the greatest success reaching your audience. For some companies, Facebook or Twitter might be all they need. Another business might benefit more from LinkedIn or YouTube. Google + may be what another company relies on to drive their SEO through the roof while a blogging platform could be the perfect solution for a different company to distribute their news and information.

After we've established a base plan and goals, Epona Group will then begin the execution of your "Social Media Campaign". With laser focused efforts, we will consistently and strategically deliver the message to achieve the goals we have agreed upon with you. In some cases this could be several posts per day, in others, several posts per week. 'Content is King' in these situations so this message will be extremely important, well thought out, and coordinated closely with your company and it's current strategies.

What are the benefits?

A strong social media marketing plan is crucial for today's internet presence. It plays a direct role in helping you boost your search engine rankings and increase quality traffic to your site. And quality traffic equals more sales. Strong social media presence also allows you to stay in constant contact with your current set of clients without being overly intrusive. It may be the perfect avenue to introduce new products and services, or may work best to educate your customers about your industry, letting them know you are the most knowledgeable and logical source for their particular needs.

Social media has changed the way we all do business. Whether you allow Epona Group to develop and distribute your message through these avenues or you choose to do this yourself, we recommend you research the different types of media thoroughly. Set up a professional looking page, create short and long term goals, and then consistently and diligently, deliver a professional and relevant message to your customers. This practice will help you promote and expose your brand to the world.

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