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This is the “foundation” of your online presence. Your site needs to be clean, professional, functional, and easy for your prospective customers to find what they need in moments. In fact, you only have several seconds to capture your visitor’s attention and make your individual impression before they click on to the next web site selling what you had wished to sell. Time is money. Capture their attention, comfort them, teach them, explain to them, or solve their problems and you will get their time. Get their time and you have a great chance of getting their money.

Our group’s background comes heavily from the eCommerce and retail world competing with companies much larger with much bigger budgets for over 15 years. We had to be more agile, more creative, more in tune with our customers, and two steps ahead of our competition in technology to grow. This all had to be done with only the profits on what we were currently selling- no IPO offerings, no massive advertising budgets. We had to make our website sell or we did not eat!

What this means to you is a little different approach by The Epona Group when creating websites compared to other web development companies. We will learn your business, discover your online goals and budgets, research your competitors, explore your industry, and only then will we begin to put strategies and your website proposal together. If we feel that we cannot improve your site or traffic and stay within your budget, we will graciously pass. Can we do this in a few days for a few dollars and then be on to the next customer? Sorry, this is not us. No quick templates, quick fixes, and quick money. We move a little more deliberate, much more thorough, and think in much longer terms. Although our industry is fast paced, online success does not happen overnight. Anyone that says differently may not have your best interest in mind.

Lastly, notice how we mentioned in the first line of this page that your website is the foundation. It’s not the entire building, the walls, the roof, and contents of your business. It’s extremely important but please, whether you use our services, or use another web development company, do not create a website, and then sit back and wait for the money to start rolling in. You will be sorely disappointed. Your website needs to be a living, breathing, moving, active mechanism to make you money. There are many ways that you can do this in house, we can train you and your employees to do this, or we can even handle content management, SEO, social media, and maintenance for you each month.

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